RV Chassis

TIC Automotive in Kingman, Arizona specializes in RV Chassis Repair.

Our ASE-certified technicians are fully capable of diagnosing your issues. Due to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and tools, we can be sure that your repairs are done to the highest standard. In our area there are not many shops that offer an indoor RV lift however, at our shop we do! It gives us the ability to look over every inch of your RV suspension without giving any problems. If you have any concerns or questions, our staff can thoroughly walk you through them. We want you to bring up any sounds you may come across with your RV. AT TIC Automotive our goal is to get your RV in and out as soon as possible because life doesn’t slow down so neither should your RV issues. Call or schedule an appointment today and keep your RV on route to your next destination!

Complete Service Includes:

Heavy Duty RV Service Repairs:  Suspension, Alignment, and Tires

Standard Maintenance Should Include:

Brakes: Your RV or trailer brakes should be inspected and serviced annually or more often if you make substantial use of the trailer.

Tire Safety: All tires should be the same type, size, and construction—do not mix bias-belted and radial tires. In selecting tires, buy the size, type. Our team will check to ensure you have the proper tire pressure and replace worn tires.  Also, replace your tires at the same time so you are aware when they need to be replaced again.

Tires:Periodic inspection and maintenance of your RV and trailer tires and wheels are essential to towing safety, including spare tires. Proper tire pressure affects vehicle handling and the safety of your tires. You can find the correct tire pressure for your RV or motorhome in the owner’s manual or on the tire information placard.
• Under-inflation reduces the load-carrying capacity of your RV, motorhome, or trailer may cause sway and control problems and may result in overheating, causing blowouts or other tire failures.
• Over-inflation causes premature tire wear and affects the handling characteristics of the tow vehicle or trailer.

Your pre-trip planning should include the following: 

Inspect the emergency equipment on your RV to make sure you have a fully-stocked first aid kit, a functioning fire extinguisher, and an emergency kit that should at least include a tire pump, spare fuses, flashlight, multipurpose tool, pocket knife, road flares, and some canvas work gloves. Be sure to inspect your spare tire and vehicle jack as well.

Check your trailer hitch: the nuts, bolts, and other fasteners to ensure that the hitch remains secured to your RV or motorhome and the coupler remains secured to the trailer. The connection point may require periodic lubrication to permit free movement of the coupler to the hitch ball.

Some RV Ownership Tips

Our job at TIC Automotive in Kingman is to help you travel safely and these RV tips we feel are a good way to help you with your RV ownership. 

Driving Your RV - Motorhome Use an empty parking lot and practice your turns. Remember that your RV will need a wider turn radius than a car, so when making a turn pull out further into the intersection before beginning your turn. RVs also need more room to slow down, so when driving on the highways always follow the speed limit and keep a good distance between yourself and the vehicles in front of you. When coming to an off-ramp, slow down well before reaching it to avoid having to decelerate suddenly.

Going slowly will also help when you run into bad weather. High winds will affect your motorhome or RV more than it will a car. Keep a strong grip on your steering wheel and you should be okay. For rain or snow, you should decrease your speed. A vehicle like a motorhome is less prone to skidding than a car because of its lower center of gravity, but at the same time, it is much harder to control if it goes into a skid. The same holds true of a 5th wheel camper or horse trailer with living quarters so any large camper or RV needs special consideration.

Low bridges are another hazard of which you should be aware. Most bridges have their heights displayed to the drivers passing underneath them, so know the height of your motorhome or RV camper before you get on the road.

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