Once in a while, when you lost faith in humanity, someone came along and restored it. And if you believe in God, and the battle between evil and good, we were the witness to them within three hours on our way back from AZ to CA, on a Sunday afternoon in Kingman, AZ. My husband and I traveled in our RV to attend a wedding in AZ. On the way there, we had problems with our RV and the Jeep we towed. We were able to have them both fixed after we arrived. After the wedding, we could not wait to head home to our cooler climate. However, we were still a bit leery about the condition of our RV and the Jeep.

We stop at Kingman for gas and went back on I40 to continue our way home. Soon after we got on the freeway, the driver of a pickup track waived us to pull over to the shoulder. He told us that he saw a spark come out the rear of our RV and he has been following us from the gas station. He proceed to tell us that he (TC) is a Mobile RV repairman and we should follow him off the next exit to a bus stop so he could take a look at the RV for us. He showed my husband his business card, binders and etc. he seemed legit.

10 minutes later, TC had removed one of our RV rear shocks, told us that we need to replace all four of them. It would cost $1k for the parts and $400 for his labor. In addition, since it's Sunday, he won't get all the parts until Tuesday and we have to advance him $500 cash in order for him to order the parts. His credit card reader was not working. As time went by, we grew more and more suspicious. We finally with the help of Kingman KOA, were able to regain procession of the shock TC had removed after paying him $100. But we were stuck in Kingman KOA.

Out of desperation, my husband started to call every mobile RV repairmen KOA knew of in town. Again, it's three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. Then, a miracle happened, TIC answered the phone. TIC told us we to drive our RV to his shop, only a few blocks away, so he could take a look.

After looking at the shock TC removed, TIC told us that the shock was fine and we were scammed. He proceeded to reinstalled it and reassured us that there was no problem with all of our shocks. It took him a while to put the shock back. But when my husband paid TIC for an hour at his shop rate for helping us. TIC gave almost half of it back to my husband and with a big smile, he sent us back on our way home to CA.

TIC was kind, knowledgeable, professional, and he went out of his way to help us. He was a god sent and an angel. There are bad people out there but there are good people as well. We could not thank TIC enough for helping us in our time of need and in restoring our faith in humanity at the end.


Thank you TIC!!!

LC - (5-star review left on Yelp)

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